The current federal laws regarding accessibility, The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is currently under review by the Department of Justice and will reissued in the near future.(click on the link to download an article on the current status of these laws.)

Accessibility is an issue many times overlooked by owners and architects. What many don’t realize is that even if a project is reviewed and passes inspection by the local code officials it still can be in violation of federal law, leaving the owner open for lawsuits.

When requested by the owner, tenant, or franchisee, Prosi Design Inc. can provide a Handicap Accessibility Building Certification. This certification is provided only after a thorough on-site survey of interior and exterior building and site elements to determine compliance with ADAAG as well as any State requirements. If any non-compliance issues are found, a potential resolution can be proposed.

On building remodel projects, the survey occurs prior to commencing the architectural designs. The accessibility issues are discovered and resolution is included in the architectural construction drawings.

On new construction projects, the survey is performed as construction progresses and at the substantial completion point of the construction.

Prosi Design Inc. also provides third party accessibility inspections for projects where the architect of record does not provide accessibility certification.

U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Homepage

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